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A Kicked Up Southern Classic – Fried Green Tomatoes
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Growing up, every summer my grandmother served a variety of things from the garden.  One of which was fried green tomatoes.  I loved them as a kid, then over time I generally forgot about this wonderfully southern dish.  Then as I mentioned in an earlier blog, we honeymooned in New Orleans.  On our last day in the Crescent City, indeed it was our last meal there; we stumbled across a little restaurant called The Secret Garden.  On the menu were, of course, fried green tomatoes; and I fell in love with them all over again.  A while back I received a free sample of Emeril’s Original Essence which I decided to try on these tomatoes.  I encourage you to try this traditional south of the Mason-Dixon favorite.

Confessions of a Pizza Junkie

They say that the first step on the road to recovery is to admit you have a problem.  So okay, I confess.  I am a junkie.  A pizza junkie.  A big one.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to go for more than a few days, okay maybe a week, without getting my pizza fix.  In this respect am like a junkie.

With this in mind it shouldn’t surprise anyone that while on our Mexican vacation, while surrounded by delicious Mexican food, I had to have a pizza, and of course one with a Mexican twist.  Heaven on a platter came our way in the guise of the Cinco de Mayo Pizza from The Bistro, one of the restaurants at our resort, Pueblo Bonito — Sunset Beach.


An Exceptional Pesto Recipe with Sundried Tomatoes

A number of years ago we were playing in the kitchen with a flat of fresh basil that we had been given and tried several different types of pesto.  One of our favorites was a sundried tomato pesto that we have continued to make various version of.  We discovered that we loved this version as a pasta sauce, and have continued to make it on a regular basis.  We have used it with penne here, but it would work well with farfalle, rigatoni, or ziti.  Incredibly fast and easy; it can be made in the time it takes to boil the pasta.

A Different Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
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Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of America’s favorites, and certainly we are no exception.  We each grew up on the Nestle recipe (see the history of chocolate chip cookies below), but as we got older we both found that there were some things about it that frustrated us.  For starters even though we loved them, we realized how sweet they were if you weren’t dunking them in milk — which of course everyone knows that you have to dunk them, but sometimes you just want the cookie without the milk.  Then we also realized that in general, our families were not as fond of crispy cookies as of soft ones; and the Nestle cookie is definitely crispy.  These personal discoveries led us to play with the famous recipe from the Toll House Inn until it suited our tastes.

This variation, suits our tastes very well.  It makes a soft chewy cookie that is great with milk, coffee or by itself.  It is satisfyingly sweet, but not too sweet.  Over the years we have had many complements on these cookies and several requests for the recipe, which until now we have kept all to ourselves.  We hope that you will try our treasured recipe and that you and your friends and family will enjoy it as much as we have with ours.

Asian Spring Rolls Recipe

Chinese cuisine is one of our absolute favorites, well any Asian cuisine actually. When we first met we both had an affinity for Chinese culture, but since our trip to China in 2006, to bring home our new Chinese daughter, we have become even more enchanted with all things Asian, but especially food. We love Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese — you name it! Since it is one of our favorites, we are constantly on the lookout for great recipes, or trying to devise a recipe that is similar to a dish we have had in a restaurant that we particularly enjoyed. This recipe for Asian Spring Rolls is one of our favorites!

An Easy Chili Recipe: Great for Cold Weather!

Easy Chili Recipe

We are people that eat by the seasons.  What we mean by that is that in the summer we naturally gravitate to lighter foods, colder foods, like salads, etc.  And in the winter, we naturally select foods that make us feel warm and cozy.  We are not alone.  It is innate human nature to desire foods that will “stick to your ribs” in colder weather.

Imagine a day of shopping in the snow, skiing, caroling, or even shoveling the driveway.  What you will probably want after one of these activities is something that is warm and comforting.  Something that helps revive you so you can go another round.

This is one of our favorite — and easy — homemade chili recipes and is just the ticket for such occasions.  It is not a glamorous dish, but it is hearty, simple to make and is totally satisfying.  Try it yourself and see.

An Easy Dessert - Vanilla Poached Pears

vanilla poached pears

Elegant desserts don’t have to be difficult, as this one proves.  It takes very few ingredients and only a little over 30 minutes to prepare this easy dessert recipe. We have been served this dessert in 5 star restaurants and at a cost of close to $20, yet it costs very, very little to make.  We can almost guarantee that these poached pears will be a big hit the next time you need new and easy desserts.

A Delicious and Easy Chicken Carbonara Recipe

A few years ago we were eating at one of our then favorite restaurants in Seattle, Palomino, when I tried their carbonara.  Carbonara has always been one of our favorite Italian pasta recipes, and I had had carbonara in other restaurants previously.  However, on this particular day for some reason it struck me as completely sublime.  From there forward I ordered it every time we went to Palomino, something unusual for us as we normally try to sample different dishes even in our favorite restaurants.  Alas, some time ago they removed it from their regular menu, forcing us to try to create a carbonara sauce recipe of our own.  We tried traditional, not so traditional, and more, until we created one that we loved.